Avoiding Tree Nuts

Check all food labels to see if a food contains nut or nut products. European Union (EU) and Irish law states that nut and ingredients made from nut must be listed on foods made in the EU.

Learn to read the labels of medicine, cosmetics and skin cream.

Avoid foods without a label.

If the food label is unclear or causes doubt – leave it out.

Don’t buy nuts.

Don’t have nuts in the home.

Avoid Lupin also.

Don’t cook with tree nut oils because they are less refined than peanut oil and contain allergenic protein that cause reactions.

Avoid skin contact with nut or food containing nut.

Nuts are listed as an ingredient on a label as:

Peanut includes Tree nut includes
Ground nuts Cashew
Ground pea Almond
Earth nuts Brazil
Pinder Hazelnut/Filbert/Cob nut/Noisette
Goober Pistachio
Monkey nuts Pecan/Hickory nut
Unrefined oils of peanut, arachis and groundnut. Walnut
Macadamia/Queensland/Candle nut
Unrefined oils of any of the above

This is intended as a general guide to avoiding tree nuts. You should be referred to a Dietitian if you need more detailed information on avoiding tree nuts, tree nut free products and tree nut alternatives.

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