IgE mediated food allergy-what’s new?

In October 2023 EAACI published an update to the 2014 guideline on IgE medicated food allergy.

“EAACI has launched the new guidelines on diagnosis of immediate type food allergies. This key document provides clear recommendations for best clinical practice and summarises the evidence supporting it. This guideline was informed by a systematic review of studies looking at the diagnostic accuracy of any test for any food allergy that were published since the last EAACI Food Allergy Guidelines were published in 2014, was elaborated by a global group of experts in food allergy and is aimed at healthcare professionals seeing patients with possible food allergies for best possible care”. The guideline includes the opinion and voice of the patient and is available to read here.

In addition EAACI has produced a webinar on the guideline which can be accessed here.

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