IFAN respond to HPRA communication on the quality of the supply of adrenaline autoinjectors

All three devices currently available in Ireland at the present time have unique elements to their delivery.  Patients and carers all have to be trained in advance, in delivery technique.

IFAN believes that merely ensuring that there are enough devices in the country is no longer an acceptable standard. We are a small market and thus a vulnerable market. We strongly believe that the current haphazard supply of AAIs in Ireland is forcing customers to purchase devices that they and other carers have not been trained to use, thus placing patients at risk of not having adrenaline correctly delivered in the event of a life threatening allergic reaction. This could result in a completely avoidable fatality.

Click here to read an extract from the original communication sent to the HPRA on September 2nd 2015.

Response received from the HPRA on October 2nd 2015.

Click here to read IFAN’s reply to the HPRA response on October 12th 2015


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