Avoiding Milk

Milk is the most important food in the first year of life. Cow’s milk and dairy products are part of a major food group.  They should never be removed from the diet without the assessment and supervision of a qualified health care professional.

A Dietitian is qualified to give advice on how to safely avoid milk, milk free products and milk alternatives ensuring a healthy balanced diet – ask your doctor for a referral.

In the meantime:

Learn To Read Food Labels

Learn to read food labels to check if a food contains milk or milk products.

For milk, and milk derived ingredients (including lactose) European Union (EU) and Irish law states that they must be labelled except for whey used for making distillates or ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin for spirit drinks and other alcoholic beverages, and lacitol.

  • Check for milk in medicine, cosmetics, washing powder, toothpaste and chewing gum.
  • Avoid food which has no label such as foods from a bakery or delicatessen.
  • If the food label is unclear or causes doubt – leave it out.
  • Foods that contain well cooked milk that have been eaten safely before can still be eaten.
  • Beef and lamb do not need to be avoided.

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