Immunotherapy for food allergy: a consensus report

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) organised an Oral Immunotherapy for Food Allergy Summit on November 6, 2019.  Their consensus report finding have been published and can be found here.  

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Safety information March 23, 2020: Epipen autoinjector devices

It has come to the attention of IFAN that there are potential safety issues as follows: “The FDA in the USA is alerting patients, caregivers and health care professionals that EpiPen 0.3 mg and EpiPen Jr 0.15 mg Auto-Injectors, and the authorized generic versions, may potentially have delayed injection or be prevented from properly injecting […]

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Coronavirus (COVID 19) and Allergy

For all patients at risk of anaphylaxis: -have 2 in-date adrenaline autoinjectors. It’s important to be prepared at this time as it can be harder to access GPs and pharmacies. -if in doubt give adrenaline and call an ambulance: EVEN during this public health emergency. Families are advised to ensure they have adequate stock of […]

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Approval of peanut allergy treatment in the US.

The Food and Drug Administration in the US has approved immunotherapy as a treatment to mitigate the risk of allergic reactions that may occur, including anaphylaxis, after accidental exposure to peanut in patients aged 4 to 17 years with a confirmed diagnosis of peanut allergy. To see the press release issued by the American Academy […]

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EAACI 2020 comes to London

The EAACI Congress 2020 will take place from June 6th to 10th 2020, in London, United Kingdom. Organised by the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), the largest medical association in its field in Europe, the EAACI Congress 2020 offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest discoveries. The congress activities will […]

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