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This site is intended as a guide to assist those who, through their work, encounter children and families affected by food allergy.

The site content is intended for use by regulated healthcare professionals.  Its aim is to help in diagnosing and managing suspected food allergy by regulated health care staff in community and hospital settings.  Reproduction of content or referencing IFAN outside of this context requires advance permission, please contact us.

We welcome your feedback and comments.  This site is a work in progress, it will be modified according to feedback received by you-its users.

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Food allergy information

Food allergy myths are statements commonly shared about the management, treatment and risks of...

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Please spare sometime to contribute to this research

This research has received ethical approval from Imperial College London. This work will provide...

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ALERT: Nutramigen LGG powdered infant formula product recall

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland issued an alert in relation to specific batches...

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Webinar content: Dietetic assessment and management of IgE milk and egg allergy in Irish community health settings

Originally presented as part of the 4th All Ireland Paediatric Dietetic CPD webinar November...

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IgE mediated food allergy-what’s new?

In October 2023 EAACI published an update to the 2014 guideline on IgE medicated...

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Nutrition Allergy School comes to Cork in September 2022


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Baked milk accelerates cow’s milk allergic infants’ progress on a milk ladder programme

For open access to the study click here

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Food allergy across the globe

See the JACI December published abstract of this review here Get open access to...

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Anaphylaxis editorial 2021.

To view the recent JACI publication by Stafford, Patel and Turner click here

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COVID-19 Vaccine information for Parents/Carers of Children and Adolescents aged over 12yrs with allergies, attending at Children’s Health Ireland (CHI).

Information correct as of July 29, 2021. Will be updated depending on NIAC guidelines-for...

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